Loresco SW Earth Contact Backfill Coke Breeze (50LB BAG)

Loresco SW Earth Contact Backfill Coke Breeze (50LB BAG)

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LORESCO type SW® is designed for use in impressed current surface systems. SW® is also suitable for containerized anode systems and semi-deep impressed current systems. SW® may be poured dry or through water or light mud.

LORESCO SW® exhibits a hard, round shape and does not require tamping because of its ability to go full density with simple pouring. The bulk density of SW® is 54 lbs. per cubic foot with a porosity of 56.7%. The particle sizing of SW ranges from 1 mm to 12 mm.

The manufacture of SW® is in a highly controlled "hot" atmosphere which produces a particle surface with wettable characteristics. This allows SW® to be freely poured directly into water or light mud without sacrificing system integrity due to poorly compacted carbon. Set-up time is almost instantaneous.

LORESCO SW® is a product designed to be placed in the earth. According to EPA-approved leacherate tests, SW® meets all purity requirements for materials utilized in underground burial.