Loresco RS-3 Premium Earth Contact Coke Breeze

Loresco RS-3 Premium Earth Contact Coke Breeze

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LORESCO RS-3®, due to its maufacturing process, is simple to install by either mixing and pumping or by pouring dry. With deep anode systems, pumping from the bottom up is recommended. Loresco RS-3® has superb pumping qualities due to the addition of surfactants and when agitated in water, takes on the characteristics of super heavy mud. Time before energizing is greatly reduced after installing RS-3®. The modified surface of the carbon particles coupled with the action of the surfactants in RS-3® will achieve positive electrical contact by settling.Vibrating or compacting is not necessary. See installation section on cd or in the catalog for additional pumping data.



LORESCO RS-3® is a surface modified, blended, and sized carbon backfill with surfactants.


LORESCO RS-3® is shipped in fifty (50) pound (22.7 kg) coated, woven polypropylene bags. RS-3® may be stored outside for limited periods (not to exceed four hundred hours of sunlight). Pallets are available with fifty bags per pallet. Proven export packaging is also available.

  • Bulk Density: 68 lbs. per cubic foot

  • All particles shaped and surface modified for maximum electrical conductivity and high-current applications

  • Particle sized to facilitate pumping and pouring applications with rapid settling

  • Maximum particle size 2.5mm

  • Minimum calcination temperature of base materials is 1250° C

  • Base materials are calcined under ISO 9001:2015 quality control

  • No de-dusting oils are used during the manufacture of base particles