Loresco Permaplug 50 lb bag

Loresco Permaplug 50 lb bag

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LORESCO PermaPlug provides the cathodic protection industry with a method to plug and seal earth holes. PermaPlug is environmentally safe and when properly installed, prevents the contamination of underground aquifers from surface fluids.

PermaPlug produces a permanent non-porous molding-clay seal. Manufactured from naturally occurring Bentonite, PermaPlug contains no additional chemicals. Installation is easy requiring no tools or pumps. Simply open the bag and pour.

PermaPlug prevents the deterioration of underground water quality and is environmentally accepted for use in the vacinity of potable drinking water.

Proper application of PermaPlug requires minimum instruction. PermaPlug is inexpensive, easy to install and requires no special tools.